Best Above Ground Pool Slides

I’m back with another article and today I’ll be reviewing something that isn’t an essential accessory for your pool but it sure is a super fun one. I’m talking about above ground pool slides!

Majority of the reviews I’ve done have covered some essential pool accessories like liners, ladders, heaters etc. Today I decided to review something different. Slides for above ground pool aren’t very common and can be a bit difficult to set up. But once they’ve been installed, It’ll get even harder to get your kids off the pool! The kids love it so much!


Pool slides are mainly designed for the in-ground swimming pools. To use it with an above ground pool, a deck is required. The deck has to be sufficiently large and sturdy to be able to support the slide on top of it.

Another requirement is a pump. You need to provide a constant flow of water through the slides. While a regular water hose can be used with some of the smaller slides, most of them will require large amounts of water. To pump large amounts of water, you’re going to need a water pump.

So the way this setup would work is –  You have the slide firmly mounted on top of the deck and you connect the hose to the water inlet of the slide.

Best Water Slides for Above Ground Swimming Pools

  1. S.R. Smith heliX2

This is definitely the most fun slide for the pool. It has a nice 360 turn and has a fountain feature. It can accommodate both children and adults with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The build quality of this slide is excellent and it will last for years. It needs to be properly mounted to the deck to prevent it from tipping over during usage.

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2. S.R. Smith TurboTwister

This is a nice slide with dips and curves to make the ride thrilling. It can handle up to 275 pounds of weight and meets all the safety standards for slides. It is very durable and will show no signs of wear even after prolonged usage. Assembly of this slide required at least two people.

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3. Inter-Fab WRS-CR-SS


A good ladder with a long runway. It has a sturdy construction and works well with small pools. The assembly isn’t that hard and can be done by a single person. It has a nice enclosed hose inlet hidden from view. It’s one of the best slides in its price range. The weight capacity of this ladder is 265 pounds.

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4. S.R. Smith Typhoon

This is another great water slide by S.R. Smith. With a nice design and premium looks, It’s sure to attract a lot of eyes. It can hold weights up to 275 pounds. Installing this ladder isn’t very hard but does take some time. With the different color options available, it can match the style of any pool.

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5. S.R. Smith Cyclone

If you’re looking for something small and relatively cheap, then this is the best option for you. This is a compact slide ideal for pools with limited deck size. Just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean its any less fun to use than the other slides. A small hose connection is sufficient to run water through this slide. This is the best slide for someone with a small budget.

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Final Thoughts

Water slides for above ground pool aren’t cheap and installing them can be hard but they are well worth the money and time. Like I’ve mentioned before,  These aren’t a necessity but they add a lot of fun not just for the kids but for the adults as well.

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