Quick Comparison: Above Ground Pools v/s Inground Pools

Above Ground Pool v/s InGround Pools


If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your property, there are many aspects to consider in the planning phase. Make sure you have established a budget; know about the different types of pools available and what will work best for your property.

There are tons of different types of pools to purchase, from the ready-boxed versions off-the-shelf to fully bespoke, luxuriously shaped pools with elegant lighting and a bar, or even a Jacuzzi attached.

It is best to start off by finding a reputable contractor that specializes in pool installations, who will be able to tell you what will work best for your property and landscape. They will also be able to build and install a pool according to your desired specifications after the evaluation.

Which one is right for me ?

For making a choice between an above ground pool and an inground pool, it is best to take the following into consideration:


Whether you plan on installing an in-ground pool or an on-ground pool, quality should filter through no matter what. Your pool is made up of several parts such as the structure, filtration, and accessories such as lighting. These elements should all be of high quality, with long-standing guarantees.

How often do you want to use your pool?
If you are only looking to use your pool for 3 or 4 hottest months of the year, you can go with the on-ground option. This will save you much time, money and effort yet still be rewarding for when you want to cool off.
On the other hand, if you would like to use your pool often, then options such as a heated, in-ground pool could work better for you.


A big advantage of having an above ground pool instead of an inground one is the option to be able to move the pool around from one place to another. This can be a very important feature if you are someone who changes places a lot.

Installation cost

The above ground pools and inground pools price vary, however; an inground swimming pool is far more expensive than an above ground pool. The expenses involved with the installation of the inground pool can be a big deciding factor.


A stationary above ground pool has a built-in safety feature that you may not find in inground pools. Accidents such as drownings occur more often in inground pools however this does not mean that you shouldn’t get an inground pool. The details matter here – try your best to have all safety features installed initially.

Ultimately, pools can be a great bit of fun at home as well as serve as an aesthetically pleasing work-of-art in your home. They require a fair amount of initial thought and maintenance; however whether you have an above ground or inground pool, it is most definitely worth the effort.

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